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When Romance Meets Marketing: Sabrina Carpenter’s and Barry Keoghan’s Music Video Partnership in ‘Please Please Please’

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In Sabrina Carpenter’s most recent music video for her song “Please Please Please,” her boyfriend, actor Barry Keoghan, plays a significant part. This strategic incorporation has created a lot of excitement and demonstrates a couple of marketing strategies.

The video builds upon the story started in her last single “Espresso,” maintaining a consistent narrative that captivates viewers throughout various releases. The story, influenced by classic crime tales such as Bonnie and Clyde, follows Carpenter and Keoghan’s characters as they navigate a turbulent relationship mixed with crime and love.

Utilizing Keoghan, famous for his performances in movies such as “Dunkirk” and “The Banshees of Inisherin,” not only attracts his supporters but also brings authenticity and mystery because of their actual connection. This type of partnership, whether personal or professional, frequently captivates the audience on a greater level, resulting in a memorable and shareable video.

Moreover, the video also helps generate excitement and interaction with Carpenter’s music by promoting her upcoming album “Short n’ Sweet,” scheduled to be released on August 23.

Mixing personal life with professional projects humanizes the artist and makes her more relatable to fans, while also utilizing the star power of both Carpenter and Keoghan to expand the audience reach.

Written by Askia Syasya Harleena, Management 2023, Public Relations The 18th IMOTION


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