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Google Product Studio Adds New Features and Expands Markets

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Google Product Studio, part of Google Merchant Center Next, is now available in the UK, India, and Japan. Merchants in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and Japan can now use Google’s free AI-powered tools to create high-quality product images.

New features include the ability to directly upload product images and new seasonal templates for weddings and vacations. These updates make it easier for merchants to generate and update product images for their online stores and marketing channels.

This expansion helps more e-commerce businesses access tools to create high-quality images, leveling the playing field for smaller merchants in a visually-driven online marketplace. Advertisers can also add their own assets to Product Studio, making their images more relevant to their brand.

Future features will include converting static images to videos and AI-generated visuals matching a brand’s style. Merchants can access Product Studio through Merchant Center Next or the Google & YouTube app on Shopify.


Written by: Nuha Salma Hanifah, Management 2023, Public Relations The 18th IMOTION

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