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Spotify Nears Launch of Lossless Audio Feature: Insights and Speculations

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Spotify loyal users have been waiting for the arrival of lossless audio. It seems that the feature promised long ago will soon be released.

The presence of lossless audio feature was revealed from the Spotify desktop application version 1.2.36. Reddit user OhItsTom shared some screenshots showing options for music streaming quality in the settings.

The screenshots show one option for streaming music in lossless quality up to 1,411 kbps. In another part, it indicates that lossless quality on Spotify can reach 2,117 kbps, which can consume data as much as 15.9 MB per minute.

There is also support for 24-bit/44.1kHz audio via FLAC audio format. However, support for 24-bit audio is only available for certain songs.

These screenshots also show a feature that can check whether the user’s device, type of connection, and internet bandwidth support lossless audio, as quoted from The Verge on Saturday (4/5/2024).

This checking feature is displayed along with various information for users, such as recommendations to download songs in lossless quality for a better listening experience.

Spotify also warns users that most Bluetooth devices do not fully support lossless audio. Users are advised to use wired devices or listen wirelessly using the Spotify Connect feature.

According to OhItsTom, this interface display is only visual for now and lossless audio support is not yet available. Another screenshot shared by OhItsTom indicates that Spotify is changing the branding of its high-quality audio from Hi-Fi to Lossless.

Spotify first announced its plan to release lossless audio in 2021. After three years have passed, this feature has still not been launched, and clues about its presence are only revealed from lines of code in the Spotify application.

It is not yet known when Spotify will release this long-awaited feature. Whether lossless audio will be included in the current subscription fee or separated into its own subscription package is also still unknown.


Written by Nuha Salma Hanifah, Management 2023, Public Relations The 18th IMOTION

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