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Teh Botol Sosro : The Pioneer of Ready-to-Drink-Teas in Indonesia

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For over than 20 years, Teh Botol Sosro has been leading the ready-to-drink-tea market. Take a look at how Teh Botol has always been a top-of-mind drinking tea brand in Indonesia.

  1. The catchy slogan

Teh Botol Sosro’s tagline, “Apapun makanannya, minumnya Teh Botol Sosro” is one of the strategy that influence people’s mind to always have their tea as a drink in any kind of foods that people eat. This strategy is used while the product was still in the introduction phase, when it was first launched. 

  1. Easy access

You can find Teh Botol Sosro from the big stores like supermarkets to small and micro traders like “warung” for example. Not only it is easily found in lots of places, this product is also very affordable. These are done as an effort to lead the drinking tea industry in Indonesia. So that people could purchase Teh Botol Sosro as easy as possible in almost every inch in Indonesia. 

  1. Packaging design 

In 2021 Teh Botol Sosro also had a special edition product collection which involved 15 Indonesian artists in their collaboration. This results in an eye-catching packaging that also refreshens its usual packaging.

  1. Collaborations with other brands

Teh Botol Sosro has done a view collaboration with varied brands. Such as beauty brands like Dermies by Erha, another drink brand which is Kokumi, fashion brand, food brand, and others kinds of brands.

These Strategies are not only to reach a bigger number of customers and to raise more awareness about the brand, it is also to sustain their place as a leading brand among other similar products in Indonesia. 

Written by Deafanesa Aisha Pradiva, Management 2023, Public Relations The 18th IMOTION

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