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Rohto : A Long-Standing Trusted Eye Care in Indonesia

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Rohto, a Japanese company, has a long history dating back to 1889 when it started as a small purveyor of soaps and toiletries. But driven with innovations and challenges, in 1934, Rohto entered the Indonesian market with its eye care products, gaining recognition and trust among consumers. Over the years, Rohto has expanded its product range in Indonesia, introducing various eye care products, and even established a Rohto Laboratories in Indonesia to meet the growing demand for Rohto products in the country.

And by that, Rohto has become a trusted eye care brand in Indonesia for several reasons:

1. Quality and Trust

Rohto has been known for its high-quality and trusted eye care products in Indonesia since 1934. The reliability and effectiveness of Rohto’s eye drops have contributed to the brand’s long-standing trust among consumers.

2. Experience and Innovation

With over 100 years of experience in the eye care industry, Rohto has continuously introduced innovative products to address various eye care needs. This extensive experience has established Rohto as a reliable and reputable brand in Indonesia.

3. Wide Product Range

Rohto offers a comprehensive range of eye care products in Indonesia, including eye drops for red eyes, dry eyes, and eye irritation. The availability of diverse products to cater to different eye care concerns has bolstered Rohto’s reputation as a trusted brand.

4. Accessibility and Market Presence

Rohto’s eye care products are readily available in the Indonesian market and can be obtained without a prescription, ensuring easy access for consumers. The brand’s widespread availability has contributed to its enduring trust and popularity among Indonesian consumers.

5. Global Recognition

As a leading eye care company from Japan, Rohto’s global recognition and presence have further solidified its reputation as a trusted brand in Indonesia. The brand’s international acclaim and adherence to high-quality standards have resonated with consumers in the Indonesian market.These factors, including quality, experience, innovation, product range, accessibility, and global recognition, have collectively contributed to Rohto’s enduring status as a long-standing trusted eye care brand in Indonesia.

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