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iPhone 15 Unveiled: A Visual Journey through #ShotoniPhone Collaborations

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Apple will be releasing the awaited products, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro on September 22nd, 2023. Upon the release of the iPhone 15, Apple joined forces with music sensation Olivia Rodrigo to shoot a music video. The “Get Him Back” music video, one of the tracklists in Olivia’s newest album, was shot on iPhone 15 Pro. These ads were under the campaign #ShotonIphone. The collaboration succeeded in increasing people’s curiosity about the phone, especially the camera. Since the release of the music video, there have been a lot of articles talking about the collaboration. Not just that, people all over the internet started to share their reactions and thoughts on Olivia’s new song and iPhone 15 Pro’s camera.

This collaboration for #ShotonIphone was not the first. Earlier this year, in July, Apple collaborated with a rookie girl group from South Korea, NewJeans. The music video for “ETA” was entirely shot on iPhone 14 Pro. The music video succeeded in generating more than 30 million views. It became the talk of the town, particularly among K-pop fans. However, NewJeans music video was also not the first, Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” music video was one of the first MVs shot on an iPhone in 2019.

The campaign #ShotoniPhone was first started back in March 2015 to promote the iPhone 6. The campaign was originally made for outdoor advertising (read “billboards”). The idea for the campaign was based on customer behavior where people post their photos and hash tagging them in different ways. The campaign proved to be a success for Apple to expand it beyond billboards. The billboards featuring photos captured with iPhones were created to enhance not just the phone’s camera(s) but also the aesthetic appeal of the billboard’s vicinity. According to Tor Myhren, Apple Vice President, this campaign also talked about how this campaign could enhance the area of the billboards, making it captivating and attractive rather than intrusive and bothersome.

In the following years, Apple started giving out challenges to customers to capture photos with their iPhones. Furthermore, Apple also gave out instructions on how to utilize the camera. Apple’s guidance on camera utilization catalyzed users to explore the diverse possibilities of photography and videography using their iPhones. Moreover, Apple collaborated with numerous artists to create a great number of short movies, music videos, photoshoots, and many more, with stunning photography and filmography.

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