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Julie Bowen’s Mom-to-Mom Marketing Strategy: A New Way to Care for Teens’ and Tweens’ Personal Hygiene

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Do you remember Claire from the hit TV show Modern Family? Well, Julie Bowen, the actress behind that loving mother character has embarked on a new journey. Inspired by her own experiences as a mother to stinky teenage sons, she launched her personal care and hygiene brand “JB SKRUB”. 

What’s truly intriguing about this brand is its genius mom-to-mom marketing strategy. Here’s the twist – while the products are designed for young males, the key consumers are often mothers, who make the purchasing decisions for those under 18. This is where the brand’s brilliance shines, it seamlessly bridges the gap between teenage users and the influential mothers who will be buying the products. 

Julie Bowen’s presence in the marketing materials is a stroke of brains. Beyond reminding consumers of the celebrity connection, it establishes a personal bond between the brand and potential buyers. This relatability factor goes a long way in building trust and resonating with moms looking for quality products. 

Furthermore, JB SKRUB’s reach isn’t limited to a specific region. Their products are available for purchase worldwide and their website offers automatic currency conversion, making it convenient for customers from different countries. This approach signals a commitment to catering to a diverse audience while maintaining a consistent brand experience. 

JB SKRUB not only addresses hygiene needs but also exemplifies a thoughtful and inclusive approach to parenting. 

“Nobody was teaching teen boys how to get clean. We develop this for them, but it can be used by anybody. It’s simple and meets their needs where they are” 

-Julie Bowen (Founder of JB SKRUB)

Source: JB SKRUB

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