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Quiet Luxury: The Breakout Fashion Trend

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Sofia Richie, an American social media influencer and model, has been acclaimed as the face of the movement ‘quiet luxury’ due to her wardrobe stocked with tweed jackets, tailored blazers, posh trousers, designer bags and dainty accessories. She is also maintained to keep her makeup natural and dewy in order to keep her elegant-looking face that doesn’t overpower. She further solidified her role as the quiet luxury guru when she married Elliot Grainge, the founder of 10K Projects and the son of CEO of Universal Music Group, in April 2023. 

During her wedding weekend, she documented her getting ready process via TikTok and showed followers her minimalist-chic sense of style. As a result, the trend of ‘quiet luxury’ has been booming on the internet. According to media intelligence firm CARMA, the term “quiet luxury” was rarely used on social media until the beginning of this year. Over the last 12 months, there were over 100k mentions on “quiet luxury” globally online and 95% of the mentions were generated in 2023. People are enamored with how effortlessly chic the star looked, and the rest was history. 

This kind of luxury appeals to the people who appreciate understated elegance without having to flaunt name-brand logos. This style represents a more toned-down, minimalist look while emphasizing high-quality fabrics and well-crafted fits. Quiet luxury style is all about wearing the clothes, and not having the clothes wear you. This aesthetic revolves around the idea that classic styles are linked to wealth and aspiration.

Quiet luxury made fashionistas turn their interest into subtle colors like white, creams, and brown tones. Brands are capitalizing this trend by remaining focused on creating classic styles that stay true to the brand’s core identity and uniqueness. They should offer personalized experiences and highlight the stories behind their products. Gaia, Rebecca Minkoff, and Coach are being applauded to design pieces that not only embrace the emerging trend of quiet luxury but also make it easily attainable for individuals seeking to incorporate this style into their daily fashion. Even though it can be emulated on a budget, the mega-rich are simply willing to spend thousands of dollars on a simple sweater from Loro Piana, The Row, and Brunello Cucinelli.

Source: Marketing-Interactive, Elle Canada

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